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Product features

Natural language search

Directly search for answers and data points across your entire data model

Customisable logic layer

Fully customize the logical semantic layer according to your business

Unified data model

All your data connected in a single unified data model

Seamless insights

Enable data-driven business processes with ready-to-use reporting templates

Entreprise grade security

Control platform and data access with row-level role based security

Swift roll-out

Add new metrics and definitions swiftly. Roll-out new datasets and insights quickly

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Seamless data insights

With our unified semantic layer and an intuitive interface to data, Orcablue helps teams serve their users faster. By empowering users directly, we enable these teams to spend their time more efficiently in doing actual analysis.

Businesses spend a great amount of effort to empower their people with timely insights to operate effectively. Often, this involves expensive data teams and long projects which still leaves business users underserved.

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Intuitive data search

When all of the data is available in Orcablue through our semantic layer, users can now directly search for queries or datasets in free text.

One key change we have observed in our customers is that they don't have to worry about standardizing the reporting across teams, instead they now have to only standardise their Metrics & KPIs across teams. 

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Unified semantic model

Bring data from different sources together into a single source of truth. Build your own interconnected semantic model on top of it.

As an example, some of our customers in retail are connecting together data silos from their POS, ecommerce channels and integrating that with the marketing spends to identify how effective their brand wise or SKU wise campaigns are against actual impact on sales across channels. Being able to do complicated analysis such as this without any technical expertise and that too in a few minutes, is what Orcablue empowers your business with.

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Enterprise grade security

Integrated single sign-on options enable you to easily login without hassle. Every request and query is checked internally for authenticity of the user and permissions granted to them before being served.

Our built-in role based access gives you finer control over data access by your users. Easily setup highly granular row-level permissions to different users or groups to ensure data security.

Deploy anywhere, Access everywhere

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Deploy to any cloud. We support easy deployment to any cloud - Azure, AWS, GCP

Hosting Service

We provide our hosting services too for a fee. Our hosting is on DigitalOcean

Works on any device

Orcablue is built with a fully responsive UI and you can access it from any device - mobile, tablet, PC, Smart TV

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