Data Analytics made effortless with Orcablue

A fully customizable data analytics platform with a unified data model, a business semantic layer and an easy-to-use free text search on the data.

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Orcablue for You

Natural Language Search

Directly search for answers and data points across your entire data model.

Customisable Semantic Layer

Fully customize the semantic layer according to your business.

Unified Data Model

All your data connected in a single unified data model.

Seamless Insights

Enable data-driven business processes across the board with out-of-the-box templates.

Entreprise grade Security

Control platform and data access with row-level role based security.

Swift Roll-out

Add new metrics and definitions swiftly. Roll-out new datasets and insights quickly.

Seamless Data Insights

Business users can get their data queries answered in seconds, create operational reports, and build executive dashboards with ease, reducing the barriers to data-driven decision-making.

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Intuitive Data Search

With our free-text search feature explore your data unrestricted, eliminating the need to write SQL queries, and enable your business to focus on analyzing their data for actionable insights.

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Unified Semantic Model

Orcablue’s unified semantic layer provides an interconnected and accurate data model ensuring that all business functions have access to consistent, reliable insights.

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What Our Users Say

We needed an agile tool to work with our pace of business. Orcablue has adapted to our use-case within weeks to make data decisions easier. Every insight about our sales or stock is a few clicks away.

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

Founder @Campus Sutra

Orcablue saves a lot of time that we spent crunching data with excel sheets. All our business data is now unified for everyone to analyse. Creating new reports now takes minutes instead of days.

Abhinav Gairola

Abhinav Gairola

Head, Marketplaces @Campus Sutra

End to end data visibility and ROI clarity was needed to make smarter growth decisions. Every team has effortless access to granular metrics that they need.

Kanishk Arya

Kanishk Arya

COO @sleepycat

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