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High Impact UX

Made for business users. What they want is what they get. Instantly, effortlessly and as easy as browsing. Use our powerful NLP search to get any answer from your data. Quickly build reports, dashboards, downloads with a few clicks. Intuitive, smart and flexible UI to make working with data a powerful and fun experience.


Cognitive Automation

Replace manual efforts of data experts with our proprietary cognitive automation. No manual efforts required to train DDive on your data. Leverage our support to add the jargon, calculated metrics, business rules your need. Hassle-free handheld adoption by our experts.

Data Engine

From your question to data, our proprietary query and computation engine provides the intelligence to translate your intent to data and insights. Extensible and trainable approach enables configurability and refinement with easy iterations.


Deep learning

DDive leverages deep learning to train faster. Our experts retrain DDive as your data needs and data sources change as part of support. Retraining in 2 days with no efforts from your end.   Iterative training leads to cumulative and unified cognitive intelligence of your business data. Leverage this to simplify data for users and apps.  

Managed Service

Simplify business intelligence for your teams with DDive. No resources, planning or budgets at your end. Licensing, support and services included in subscription with no upfront costs. Try DDive on your data and then choose to subscribe for high ROI business intelligence.


Architecture for Effortless BI

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