Cognitive, Automated, Interoperable & Managed

Agile BI

Modern teams need effortless business intelligence to succeed. DDive eliminates constraints, resources, efforts, budgets and user licenses. So you can focus on what you are good at. Doing more business, better business. Adoption in weeks, changes in days, insights instantly.


Automate BI

Your data experts are spending majority of their time wrangling data. Boost productivity and save BI budgets with our automated configuration and retraining. We provide the support you need to adopt, change and use DDive with no resources or efforts your end

Citizen Data Science

Your teams could create new businesses and work smarter with your data. Given your ecosystem of users the power of frictionless data intelligence. Intuitive, instant and effortless data analysis and collaboration. Made as easy as browsing with a powerful smart UX.


Embedded Analytics

From your question to data, our proprietary query and computation engine provides the intelligence to translate your intent to data and insights. Extensible and trainable approach enables configurability and refinement with easy iterations.

Data Driven Management

Great teams with great data are struggling with business intelligence. Switch to DDive and see the resulting difference in data culture. Frictionless data decisions made possible with cognitive automation powered by deep learning. Create dashboards or roll out data initiatives in minutes.


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